The Ulu Planet

Converted into a prison planet by alien nations, the former jungle filled planet is now home to prisoners fighting their way up in the ranks through different space factions. Built for Cosmic Prisons (Server).

Ulu Planet
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The planet that was once full of life and adventure is now deserted. Rumour has it; Ulu abandoned due to a tropical storm that lasted for over 100 years. Now overrun by trees and nature, Ulu is the prime location for Cosmonauts to lock away their most fierce prisoners.

Ulu Planet Mine

Expanding on the Cosmoverse, we got asked to create the new prison planet called ‘Ulu’ based on an abandoned sci-fi civilization in a previously tropical environment. Inspired by fictional movies like Avatar and other influences we set out to create this unique prison planet.

The Landscapes

Over an area of 2,048 by 2,048 blocks, we created a massive terrain considering essential gameplay elements like letting prisoners fight each other anywhere on the map.

We carefully chose to only have specific elevations in core areas. Around the map, we placed big mountain ranges, encasing the player in a valley and focusing gameplay on the central locations.

To divide the entire planet into sections, we placed hills and rocks and filled some areas with forests to focus the prisoner's orientation. Lastly, we added pathways connecting the most critical areas, making it easier to navigate around the map.

Prison Mines

Around the entire planet, we placed four different areas dedicated to varying mines in which prisoners could collect ores and collect resources. Each mine had a different tier level and also a different appearance.

The first two are aboveground holes dug into the surface of the planet, using different sci-fi machinery remaining around the holes. The next mine is a tunnel system spreading across a majority of the map, underground. And lastly, there was the Emerald Mine at the heart of the ancient ruins.

Ulu Planet

An Element of History

A very long time ago, far before humans first set foot on Ulu, an ancient civilization lived on the planet. Prisoners are still able to find remains of their existence, even after Ulu’s colonization.

A big statue carved out of stone marks the entrance to the ruins. Scattered, in between two hills, prisoners can find dozens of little structures run down over the centuries. At the core of this area, we placed an ancient temple. As the focal point of the entire region, it made for the perfect location of the Emerald Mine.

Through multiple floors of the temple, working your way down the staircases, further and further into the depths, the prisoner ended up inside of an underground tunnel system, being able to mine away at emeralds and diamonds.

Additionally, we added more space assets around the planet, that emphasizes the feeling of a colonized world. Big tanks, robots, cranes and more work and drilling equipment are scattered around.

On top of the mountain ranges, surrounding the map, more ancient ruins can be found adding to the backstory and overall atmosphere of Ulu.

Ulu is one of the most atmospherical game based maps, filled with lots of love for hidden details, while also imposing the prisoner with a feeling of massive scale, making it one of our favorite creations of all time.

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