Space Glide

Blast off in your Elytra and swoop through three epic interstellar levels in Space Glide. Collect coins, buy custom outfits and get powerful gear - race your friends and reach for the stars! Available on the official Minecraft marketplace under InPvP.

Space Glide
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Grab your Elytra, blast off and swoop through three amazing interstellar levels. Collect coins along the way, buy custom outfits and get powerful gear. Race with your friends, become a space hero and reach for the stars!

Three Levels

The space adventure begins in outer space. You jump off the mothership and glide around planets, through asteroid fields, and into a supernova.

You encounter an epic space battle between the Galactic Cosmonauts and the Octogang. You fly through huge explosions and the biggest ships in the galaxy.

Your last mission is to infiltrate the enemy from the inside, by flying through small ventilation shafts and other inner workings of a spaceship into the main hangar, attacking the leaving fleet from behind!

Each level reaches a minimum length of over 3.000 blocks, making the entirety of this project one of the biggest creations we have ever done.

Full Map Overview

The Lobby

Players were given a collection of 10 skins in various color options to start their space experience. We created a lobby giving players a central point to prepare for their next flight and to access the three levels.

Additionally, it featured an outfitting shop where players could buy extra gear, like wearable rocket boosters. Players were also able to collect three different trophies: The 'Rich Trophy' purchasable from the item shop, the 'Mega Trophy' obtained upon completing all levels, and lastly, the 'Secret Trophy' hidden away in one of the levels.

Space Station Interior

The Gameplay

Placed throughout the levels are different colored rings each with different functionality. Blue rings give the players a booster, allowing them to boost faster and further. Grey rings give the player either a booster or coins. And yellow rings provide the player a random amount of coins.

Additionally, players can collect free-floating coins. All coins can be spent to buy different items and gear in the lobby.


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