Great Roman Empire

This massive city, its influential citizen and its magnificent animals are an essential part of the Great Roman Empire. This build recreation includes impressive skins, 3D models and is available on the official Minecraft marketplace under InPvP.

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It's the year 24 BC, and you find yourself in the Great Roman Empire. Heroic gladiators, great philosophers, soldiers and even emperors walk these streets, and today, you can become one of them! Play alongside four custom animals from the era and enjoy different mini interactions around the world.

The Build

Inspired by the Roman Empire and its grand architecture we set out to take a realistic approach to the creation of our Roman city.

On the hill to the north, the rich and famous resign. The Emporer sits on his throne in the big building furthest away from everything else, overlooking the entire city. Smaller pavillions and open structures can be found around the area.

Furth down the hill the ordinary folk of the Roman Empire resigns in their minimalistic houses and lives the simple life. To the west, the Colosseum offers citizens many forms of entertainment, ranging from horse races, over the circus to gladiator fights.

Different Roman galleys protect the waters around the city from intruders or enemy attacks.

Roman Boat

Mini Interactions

Throughout the city, players can take part in different mini interactions. These interactions allow the player to explore the city and find new areas, while also making for exciting and entertaining mini-games.

Inside of the Colosseum, players can act out their gladiator fights by fighting one another or even wild animals. Inside of the garden maze, a hidden secret awaits to be found and on the hills of the city, players might be crowned King of the Ladder. Towards the south, alongside the beautiful flower farms, the stables are home to four different and custom animals.

Roman Empire Animals

Custom Animals

We challenged us to create four new, different and custom animals2, not know to Minecraft, from scratch and let them live in our world. We chose to develop a lion, tiger, deer and brown bear as all of these were prominent animals throughout Roman history.


All of these features make for a compelling, authentic and hugely enjoyable experience for anyone thinking of purchasing the "Roman Empire."

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