Jump in one of seven epic planes, take flight and explore the world from above. Fly custom planes (3D models) and enjoy the view of the airport and surroundings. Available on the Minecraft Marketplace under InPvP.

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“Planes” is an official Minecraft Marketplace product that allows players to fly custom planes and explore the great airport.

Take Off

The map comes with seven unique custom planes which you can fly and maneuver around the airport and its surrounding farm and town. Whether you’re an explorer or an architecture fanatic, there’s something you’ll love in “Planes.”



The airport and the surrounding environments are built in a 1:1 scale and try to create a realistic airport and flight experience.

It was essential to us to build it in a way that was visually appealing as well as logically cohesive. Everything from the hangars to the main terminal is carefully designed to follow this idea.

The player spawns in front of the airport on the parking lot. After walking through the entrance, past check-in counters and through security the player will arrive at the hangars and landing strips, where most custom planes are lined up in front of them.

All around the airport you can find colored rings to guide you from location to location.

The Planes

In total there are seven different plane designs, with each of them custom made and unlike the other. From the elegant private jet to the industrial biplane, there is undoubtedly a plane that suits you!

Here are few in more detail:

Classic Plane

The Classic Plane

Though it’s not the flashiest plane, it is definitely the most iconic.

Double Decker

The Double Decker

This robust plane is perfect for farming, but besides its great industrial use, you can also take her for a ride around the countryside.

Private Jet

The Private Jet

Our luxurious private jet is elegant and compact. Not only is it the slickest plane out there, but you can also choose from a variety of colors!


The Airliner

Based on real-life passenger planes, the airliner will undoubtedly take you to your destination with the utmost comfort.

Players could roleplay as pilots and race each other to specific locations, or they could fly the biplane and pretend to be farmers that are spreading fertilizer over their fields.

All of this makes for a tremendous, authentic and refreshing experience for anyone who bought “Planes”!

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Our Minecraft Marketplace products get published through the InPvP brand.

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