The Nova Update

Parkour and race your way to the top in Space Race! Together with InPvP, one of the few official Minecraft Pocket Edition servers, we set out to develop their new game mode focusing on gameplay first.

Nova Update
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Together with InPvP, one of few official Minecraft Servers, we set out to develop a new game mode for their network as a part of their Nova Update.

Introducing... 'Space Race'


For All Audiences

On initial launch, at the 2017 Minecon event in London, the game mode featured around 7 minutes of playtime and two levels. Each level was carefully constructed to keep InPvP's primary audience and their device of choice in mind: the mobile phone.

With these limitations in mind, it was important, especially for a jump and run style game, to create an experience enjoyable for all players.

Later, upon full release on the InPvP network, the game mode received an additional level, bringing the entire playtime to around 11 minutes.

Rocket Launch

An Epic Space Adventure

The first level was a classic jump and run style game with the introduction of item boxes, similar to Mario Kart's question mark boxes. Set on a desert space planet, materials found on sight heavily inspire the architecture. A massive rocket is standing right outside of the starting zone and right at the exit, showcasing advanced space travel and that face the players are just visiting the planet.

Once at the end the player progresses to the second level located inside of a space station. The jump and run style continues but gets an additional element where the player has to aim and enderpearl onto a target. The level starts at a landing station for the before mentioned rockets and ends in a portal, teleporting the player to the third part of the adventure.

Here, the players get to jump out of a space station and fly with an elytra through a map, dodging multiple planets, asteroid belts and more. At certain parts, similar to the second level, enderpearl targets block the player from continuously flying.

At the end, whoever finishes first wins the game and the time it took will be displayed. Maybe you can beat the leaderboard. Open Minecraft, navigate to the 'Servers' section and join InPvP.

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