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Narkmark Corporation
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Welcome to the NM Corporation. The company bringing transportation to the skies. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Narkmark Corporation


The world was increasingly augmenting, and as the world rapidly increased in population, high demands were set upon for faster and more viable means of transportation. The marine transportation was just not an effective method, with such rapid growth in the market. As a result, marine transportation was a time-critical situation, duly of the slow progressive mechanism that was set within the vessel ships.

Closeup of Vessel 181

Private companies began engineering new technologies as a result of necessary faster travel of goods through the globe. A private company, named NarkMark Corporation, approached an idea to many nations; they suggested that they should bring transportation to the skies, with the purpose of removing the usage of emission, and marine transportation as a whole.

After much debate, and continuous disagreements, a linear relationship was created among nations with the idea of building highly advanced floating vessels. Thenceforth, NM Corporation finally got the word to begin manufacturing highly advanced vessels, which have a distinct look.

Throughout time, NM Corporation started manufacturing a highly sophisticated vessel, The 181.

The 181 was one of their most ambitious projects ever created, with full modern technological implications, such as a better method of containerization, a more improved intermodal freight transportation system, with the capability of holding triple the amount of cargos from their largest predecessor. The 181 was a merge of a container ship and a Derrick Barge.

Vessel 181

Because of the vastness of the vessel, NM Corporation specifically designed combat airships, with implementations of flexibility and auxiliary systems built specifically for one to one combat.

NM Corporation also began to heavily re-design another pre-existing vessel, a liquefied natural gas carrier, which had a very different appearance to their other manufactured vessels. The LNG carrier would travel alongside the 181, with a fleet of their own military airships for safe transportation around the world.

The Vessels

Vessel 181

Model: 181

L 500
W 110
H 200

Deadweight: 660,000 tons

Vessel Category: Combination of a derrick barge and a container ship.

Capabilities: Highly advanced machinery & re-modeled deployment equipment.

Purpose: Transportation of goods.

Manufactured in 2055

Vessel LNG

Model: LNG

L 230
W 50
H 90

Deadweight: 330,000 tons

Vessel Category:  LNG (Liquefied natural gas).

Capabilities: Transportation of highly secured liquefied natural gas.

Purpose: Omitting emissions, and replacing with highly contained LNG.

Manufactured in 2070

Vessel NM 10

Model: NM 10

L 200
W 70
H 80

Deadweight: 110,000 tons

Vessel Category:  Mixture of a container ship and a heavy transport vessel.

Capabilities: Advanced speed of transportation, and the ability of pulling heavy carriers.

Purpose:  Quick transportation and pulling heavy loads.

Manufactured in 2057

Vessel NM 93

Model: NM 93

L 100
W 20
H 50

Deadweight: 43000 tons

Vessel Category:  Supply Vessel

Capabilities: Advanced usage of containerization, and highly technological radar emitters.

Purpose: Advanced supply system for heavy vessel

Manufactured in 2056

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