Mineville University

Mineville University is a roleplaying experience for all ages available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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Mineville University
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After graduating from Mineville High School, it is time to move into the city and your dorm. Follow your new schedule and enjoy your time at Mineville University.

Roleplay Experience

Mineville University is a roleplaying experience for all ages available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

It features a realistic university and 13 custom skins to amplify your experience. At Mineville University you can roleplay with your friends and explore the university as well as its surroundings. Every inch of the map is appropriately detailed and feels like a typical American university. The considerable attention to detail and realism presented in the map makes it a must-have for any Minecraft player!



The university consists of four primary buildings. The dorms, the living areas for all students, are located on the east side. It connects directly to the science building, where you will be following your science classes. Towards the west you can find the general building, containing the lecture hall, the canteen, and other general classrooms. Additionally, you can see a little sports building to the west.

Parking Lots


We set out to build a realistic university designed to amplify gameplay and the in-game experience. We decided that a 1:1 scale would fit this build best, as it most accurately represents what it would feel like to go to a real university.

The scale and realism go hand in hand to create a pleasant and appropriate atmosphere for a university. To amplify the roleplaying experience even further, we’ve included 13 unique university related skins, featuring the official Mineville University logo and branding.

Furthermore, the university was built based on realistic interiors. The interior and the exterior form a cohesive whole that prove to provide an excellent experience for every player.

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Whether you like roleplaying, architecture or enjoy nice builds, there is undoubtedly something for you in our marketplace installment; Mineville University.

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