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The infamous YouTube series 'How to Minecraft', in which YouTuber friends play survival multiplayer (SMP), went into the fifth season starring YouTubers like Vikkstar123, PeteZahHutt, and KYRSP33DY.

How to Minecraft Spawn
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On December 8th 2017 we launched and started hosting the fifth installment of the popular Minecraft YouTube series 'How to Minecraft'. At the core of How to Minecraft lies a Minecraft multiplayer survival experience in which over 20 YouTuber friends play, work and have fun together, collecting millions of views on videos recorded and live streamed on the server.

With previous experience on the fourth season, we worked on finding a new concept and twist to the fifth one. We wanted to create something that featured the best ideas from the past years, add our own ideas on top and form something truly unique, fun to play and especially fun to watch.

How to Minecraft Terrain

Custom Landscapes

With the introduction of 3,500 by 3,500 blocks of completely custom made terrain, we gave players the opportunity of building their home base in the most scenic environments they had dreamed of. From ice lakes, over forests with massive trees, beaches, tall mesas and even a desert, every kind of biome was featured.

In the centre of this world, between the south and north continent, splitting the warm and cold biomes, we placed the spawn town on a small island, connected to the main land via bridges.

How to Minecraft Spawn

Spawn Town

Located between the two continents, the spawn town was the perfect access point to the custom terrain, making it the most visited area on the entire server.

Multiple shop people, selling the bare essentials, some fun items and even commands were placed around the towns courtyard to offer the ability of not having to find and collect every single kind of item.

How to Minecraft Radar

Encourage Exploration

To also encourage the exploration of the big custom world, we integrated multiple dungeons, many of which were hidden, into the terrain. These dungeons all have different themes, are located in different biomes, and come with different difficulty levels.

Furthermore we introduced Loot Caches that dropped from the sky and landed in randomised locations throughout the custom world. Up to three different people were able to hunt them down and grab randomised loot.

How to Minecraft Spawn


One of the biggest features was the introduction of quests and missions. The player had to interact with various characters around the entire server, all with different stories and objectives you had to help them out with. From collecting rare items, finding hidden locations, taking on challenges to solving mind puzzles, the player had to put in a lot of work in order to receive big rewards.

And Even More

On top of all these differentiating features of the fifth season multiple other features were also added or brought over and overhauled from the last season.

Advancements, a featured that got enabled through the then latest version of Minecraft 1.12, allowed us to introduce many different custom objectives outside from quests and missions, that featured no kind of extra story.

Custom enchantments, expanding on the vanilla enchantments of Minecraft, were also introduced, but heavily limited to keep them exclusive.

The warzone, a separate world in which players were able to fight each other and collect different ores from, was also unlock-able through a mission.

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