Ten Years

Creating a beautiful build for Minecraft’s 10th Anniversary in less than two days.

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Minecraft 10 Years Of Minecraft Main Render

Ten Years

Creating a beautiful build for Minecraft’s 10th Anniversary in less than two days.

Minecraft Furniture Mod Modern Main Render

Furniture Mod

Adding over 350 unique furniture options to Minecraft.

Minecraft Nova Update


Developing a new game mode for one of the official Minecraft servers InPvP.

Minecraft Mondays Spark City Render Skyline

Minecraft Monday

Creating a custom city for a popular gaming livestream.

Minecraft Mineville Zoo Entrance


Creating long-lasting brand awareness between multiple Minecraft Marketplace products.

Minecraft Superhero Jailbreak Thumbnail

Superhero Jailbreak

Allowing children to become closer to their superhero self.

Minecraft Planes


Creating an extremely fun best-seller Minecraft Marketplace product for Summer 2018.

Minecraft Sparkasse Main Building


Enhancing Germany's biggest public bank's brand image towards children by imagining their digital branch.

Minecraft Space Glide

Space Glide

Bringing an epic space adventure mini-game to children around the world.

Minecraft MCProHosting Witch Castle Front View


Helping to increase a special Halloween product's awareness through a Minecraft animation.

Minecraft Roman Empire Overview

Roman Empire

Recreating a Roman city based on historical references for children.

Minecraft Narkmark Corporation Thumbnail

NM Corporation

Expressing ourselves through an epic art recreation in Minecraft

Minecraft The Nexus Trials Render Machinima Set Brain Side

The Nexus Trials

Constructing an immersive digital set for a Minecraft video.

How to Minecraft Spawn

How to Minecraft

Entertaining millions of viewers by hosting a live stream series.

Minecraft Ulu Planet

Cosmic Prisons

Giving Minecraft players a new fantasy space experience on multiplayer servers.

Minecraft Treasure Island Overview

Treasure Island

Creating a fun digital theme park with tons of activities based on all things pirate.

Minecraft City Cars Thumbnail

City Cars

Letting children climb behind the wheel and experience the adult world from a new perspective.